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Upcoming Informational Meetings

If a child in your neighborhood needed a loving home, would you help? 

Foster VC Kids, a program of Ventura County Children & Family Services is seeking more loving families like yours for children who are entering foster care, who need love in their lives, support, and inclusion in a family that will tuck them in, and encourage them in school.  We particularly need caregivers in the cities of Ventura and Oxnard for school aged children 5 and up, while children wait to be reunited with their parents.

For a child in foster care, having a home with a lot of heart can make all the difference in their life.  Erick was in numerous foster homes from the age of seven and reflects on his memories as a child. “In those times that I had a foster Mom and Dad, even for a short time, it gave me confidence, identity, and purpose,” said Erick.  “Now, as a youth counselor, I meet youth whose biggest wish is a loving family. To know that someone cares.”

“Children and teens are just waiting for that moment of acceptance, that feeling of being loved and cared for,” explained Erick.  “I’ve heard many foster parents say –you think you‘re helping the kids, but the rewards that you receive back are life changing.”

“My happily ever after?  I was welcomed into a family at age 20, the most wonderful moment of my life!”

Foster VC Kids invites you to an informational foster parenting meeting!
Wednesday, August 17th, 7p.m. at Ventura County Human Services Agency, 855 Partridge Drive, Ventura.
Call 654-3220 to learn more and visit our  Foster Care Training page for more training dates!

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