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Become a Faith in Motion Congregation

Our Faith in Motion ministry coordinator can help you plan and offer the following activities:

  1. Schedule a foster care awareness service to spread the word with a moment of inspiration and call to action.
  2. Pray for and highlight the local need of foster children during your weekly services and small group.
  3. Host a Foster Care Informational Session at your site. We can facilitate a session to raise awareness and engage prospective foster parents.
  4. Support foster families and children within your congregation and community. Ministries may include:
    1. Adopting a foster family ministry
    2. Adopt a social worker ministry
    3. Tutoring foster children
    4. Respite care/babysitting to give a break to fostering families
    5. Prayer/ support groups for foster caregivers and birth parents
    6. Meal ministry when a family receives a new foster placement
    7. Care bag donations for children in foster care
    8. Developing foster grandparents so every child and family has extra love and support
  5. Partner and give to a local foster ministry: Child Hope Services, Hope4Kids, James Storehouse, Dark to Dawn, Women of Substance/ Men of Honor, Love Does Bags, Defending the Fatherless, and Children’s Services Auxiliary are some of the local organizations that provide for the material and resource needs of our foster children and foster caregivers. They appreciate volunteers, donations and support as they seek to support the needs of 1000 children in foster care. View all our current FIM partnerships.

If you are interested in starting a Foster Care Ministry, please contact our Faith in Motion coordinator, Jaci Johnson: or 805-289-1948

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