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Resource Family Approval Orientation

Welcome to our Resource Family Approval Orientation regarding foster parenting and adoption. This session serves as an alternative to the in-person Resource Family Approval Orientations that are held throughout the year. While some prefer to attend an in-person RFA Orientations so that they can meet other future resource families as well as our staff, others prefer the convenience of completing the online Resource Family Approval Orientation.

Next Steps for Becoming a Resource Family

Thank you for taking the next step to becoming a resource family. Once you complete the Resource Family Approval Orientation, please follow the next steps to becoming a Foster VC Kids parent.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a resource parent!


Please fill out the Contact Form, which enables you to receive credit for your participation. If you would like an RFA social worker to reach out to you, please be sure to check the box on the contact form so that one of our team members can answer your questions. Click here to review the RFA Written Directives . A copy of this will be provided to you during an RFA home visit.


Once you complete our Resource Family Orientation, your next step is to attend Resource Family Pre-Service Training. Click here for upcoming training dates. Please note: you can work on your application as you are completing classes.


Contact  the RFA team at 654-3405 for any further questions about regulations, requirements, or other steps in the approval process. If you would like assistance completing your application, please contact the Foster VC Kids team at 654-3220.

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